Couples Massage for sensual pleasure - Sumptuous, sexy and sensational!

Allow your relationship to soar to a new sensual dimension with the erotically charged Couples Massage featuring highly skilled male and female sensual touch specialists. Be adventurous and take pleasure in sharing an intimate massage with someone special - whether with your partner, friend or companion. It is a truly sensuous experience to see one's partner's body being intimately massaged, adored and stroked, whilst simultaneously receiving the pleasure yourself. This form of tantra massage will take your relationship to a new provocative plateau and will certainly keep the spark ignited!
Drenched and caressed in the most exotic, silky oil or lotion, your two practitioners correspond in time and movement, in complete synergy, four hands soothing your physical tension and heightening your awareness of physical pleasure. They focus on your entire sensual build up and sensory surrender - artistically and gracefully sliding their passionate, skilled hands against your bare flesh - tantalizing and titillating. Float on a delicious wave of euphoria and feel the frenzied flow of warmth engulf your body in this sensually charged and calming ambiance. A truly fabulous experience that will make you both feel vibrant and alive.
We understand all couples have different needs and desires. Thus, you have the option to experience a full body massage with two therapists massaging you simultaneously, either female massaging male or male/male and female/female or you can opt for the combination of an impressive male or a female Masseuse to perform the sensual couples massage on one of you at a time while the other watches.. A truly intoxicating memory.
Live life to the fullest and open your mind to the deep and delectable pleasure of an unforgettable Couples Massage. . Take a break from your ordinary life and make life Extraordinary.
Please bear in mind:
We are located in an office complex with plenty of safe, discreet parking. Your privacy is important to us. Our hours are flexible, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule seven days per week until late in the evenings. We do not answer phone calls from withheld or private numbers. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover/JCB/Diners. The best way to contact us is through text message.
Your comfort is our top priority.

A masseur for one partner and a masseuse for the other partner; or four-hand massage for each as the other watches for heightened pleasure. Heterosexual and same-gender couples welcome. You can choose from: female and male therapists or female and female therapists.

The aim of our massage is to take you, as a couple, on a journey that will enlighten your sensual desires, generate your intimate energy, and strengthen connection between partners. This massage encapsulates passion, intimacy, sexual energy, and bonding.

Guided by the use of tantric massage techniques and principles, couples can further enhance their own intimacy, discover sensual forms of touch & stimulation, re-invigorate your personal pleasures, or just indulge your own fantasies.

This type of massage will be something special for both partners, with each person receiving the full attention of a single focused massage whilst being connected to each other.

A Couples massage session runs for 60-120 minutes and is an experience you can both enjoy. It can take place at our professional massage studio (both in the same room) or at your own residence or at a hotel as floor-space allows.

This is a fully nude massage where the couple will lie next to each other on massage tables. Draping is optional. Essential oils are massaged over your body and then both persons are simultaneously massaged using a combination of techniques, breathing exercises, the stimulation of your chakras and energy points, body to body work, and yoni and lingam massage. If you desire, one partner may watch while the other partner is massaged by both therapists at the same time.

The art of a couples massage centers around both partners enjoying the experience together, being next to each other and being taken on this tantric journey leading to euphoric, romantic feelings of pleasure, stimulation, and sensual connection.

What is Natural and what are we Hard Wired for?
For many couples who we have worked with, they are people who have a strong bond and connection with each other. They are not shackled by jealousy, or fear of loss, or wanting to maintain any sort of power over one and other. They possess a sense of freedom and trust for one and other. Individuals who are not constrained by established rules of conformity which can limit and confine one's spirit. They are people who like to explore their boundaries, and enjoy and grow from these types of experiences. Sensual exploration, stimulation, and engagement is an activity and need as natural as breathing. Pursuing and participating in our type of services as a couple helps strengthen your connection with each other.
Each massage involves a full body massage covering the feet, legs, thighs, hips & buttocks, back, stomach, chest, arms, neck, head, and face, as well as the 7 chakra points. The massage will start with work on your legs, feet, back, neck, and root chakra to ease out any tensions and stiffness, stimulate some energy movement, and allow you to be fully relaxed. Some sensual touching & teasing of the yoni and lingam then takes place to release some pleasant vibrations and generate some stimulating energy. We read your individual energy to cater to your individual needs.

Then on massaging the front of your body includes thighs, chest, stomach, neck, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra, again designed to bring you back to a relaxed state, before moving and generating some sensual energy to again raise your pleasure threshold. We take time to explore just what you like. This is then followed by a yoni/lingam massage if you so desire. You can also choose to engage in your own sensual or intimate activities at the conclusion of your session.

We request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purposes. We also do the same. You are welcome to use the showers here before and after your session.

First time? Never had this type of massage before? No worries... we are extremely intuitive and do an exceptional job of reading your energy and following along to go with the flow. We can be as gentle or firm as you wish and respect all boundaries.  The essence of the service is a massage, the pleasures and feelings are all natural. 
Many of our clients to date came as their first time. Let yourself go and give yourselves a treat, even if just to experiment.

A Typical Couples' Session: